Duncan with Chair - BF6A6054.jpg

Duncan Rasmussen
Tree Service Contractor

1. Bill and Linda Holding Hands_ BEST- B

Bill Heil and Linda Perkins
Old Growth Redwood Forest Activists

Sherry Looking Up Edited___.jpg

Sherry Glaser
Actor - Playwright

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 11.08.39 AM.pn

Carmen Goodyear
Painter - Filmmaker - Organic Farmer

1. Garnish - Grateful Dead Shirt Close-U

Garnish Daly
Chef and Collective Member 

Corners of the Mouth
Health Foods Store

Tony #5 BEST Cropped - BF6A3478.jpg

Tony Roach

Guitarist - Crooner

3. Bill - Arms Crossed - Cropped_ - BF6A

Bill Heil
 Redwood Forest Activist 

_Greg #3 BEST_ (Dodged) - BF6A4631.jpg

Greg Ross
Landscape Designer
Owner - Albion Ridge Nursery

_jpg Greg and Sara #9 (Chair)BEST - BF6A

Sara Fowler and Greg Ross

******Gina and Fern #1 BEST Color Correc

       Gina O'Feral and Fern
Artist, Actor and MassageTherapist